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6 Layer Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Anti-pollution I Anti-dust I Anti-bacterial

PROTEKT is a reusable outdoor mask with enhanced protection from dust, pollutants and bacteria. It is usable up to 30 gentle hand washes. 

With its soft elastic ear loops, it sits comfortably and does not tug at your ears. It is super breathable and made of 100% cotton. Each mask comes with a melt blown filter for extra protection, making sure you stay safe.

Meant for daily use, Protekt outdoor protection mask will be your safety companion and keep harmful particles at bay. 


Use Cases

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Traffic &
Travel &

6 layer Triple Particle Filtration System


Built with triple particle filtration system, Protekt is a 6 layer cotton mask. Outer Layer is made of 100% knitted cotton. Middle Layer is made of 4 layer spun bond melt blown filter which provides enhanced filtration of dust, pollutants, bacteria and other particles at bay. Inner Layer is made of fine woven cotton for comfort on skin. 

Features & Benefits

1. 6 layer mask

2. Soft elastic ear loops for comfort and fit

3. Reusable up to 30 times after a gentle handwash

4. High breath-ability and cooling

5. Adjustable nose clip for enhanced protection

6. Convenient flat fold design for easy storage

7. Minimal eye-wear fogging

8. Wide face coverage for maximum protection

9. Melt blown filter provides extra protection

10. Soft and comfortable on skin

Mask Features
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